User's guide

All Sideline users must respect this guide. If you use the platform, it is because you accept and agree to respect the terms of this guide as well as our policies and terms of use. All registered users must respect them so that the Sideline community is made up of passionate and respectful people in a safe environment.

1. Basic Criteria
This article concerns both the worker and the employer. To be a Sideline user, you must adhere to certain basic criteria such as acting as a professional, including honesty, reliability, punctuality, apply only for sidelines that you are able to perform, respect your agreement between users, pay the other user once the sideline is completed, and any other criteria that are taken into account in the proper conduct of a sideline via the platform. Sideline users must not under any circumstances present themselves as an employee, a client or a contractor of Sideline and can in no way bind us to any of their actions. Please notify us if this is not the case.

By registering on the Sideline platform, you affirm that you want to give the best of yourself and to respect your commitments towards the other members of the platform. By accepting a sideline, you affirm that you will perform this sideline, that you are capable of performing it and if you are the one hiring, that you will actually pay the person performing the sideline for you for the services rendered. Under no circumstances may the available sideline offers be used for recruitment purposes for a third party company, which is not a user of the Sideline platform. You affirm that you respect all that has been specified in the Sideline explanatory sheet. You accept and respect all the terms of this agreement and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Do not accept a Sideline until you are certain that: (i) you understand what you are being asked to do in the Sideline; (ii) you are capable of completing the Sideline; (iii) you are capable of completing the Sideline within the required time frame; and (iiii) you are able to travel to the location where the Sideline will take place, if applicable. Failure to comply with any of these elements may result in your being banned from the platform.

2. Security
If we have reason to believe that you may be in danger, we may at any time block access to your account until we decide otherwise.

You must always be careful when you hire someone or you work for someone, when you use the services, when you accept a request or any other exchange and interaction with another member of the platform or any other person claiming to be represented by the Sideline platform, online as well as in person.

Will not be accepted on the platform any of the following content, including notes, opinions, comments and services that : i) is fraudulent, false, misleading (directly or by omission or failure to update information) or deceptive; ii) is defamatory, libelous, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, escort service, sexual service, solicitation service, prostitution service, vulgar or offensive; iii) incites discrimination, fanaticism, racism, intolerance, hatred, harassment or has caused harm to an individual or group ; iv) is violent or threatening or obscene or rude or promotes violence or threatening acts against any other person or animal; v) encourages or condones illegal activities that violate any law, regulation, order or legal right or any other applicable jurisdiction such as restraint, criminal laws or laws regarding or the use of illegal or hazardous substances; vi) is harmful, disruptive, undesirable, spam; vii) is created for advertising or commercial purposes; viii) contains a "sideline" title whose purpose is not to provide relevant information related to the performance of a "sideline" is prohibited on the Sideline platform; x) could harm children and minors; xi) is affiliated with marketing services, pyramid services, multi-level marketing, lotteries, contests, draws, etc.; xii) is against what a worker can legally ask to do or what a worker can legally achieve; xiii) tells you that you are the owner of a place that you are not or offers a sideline in a place where you are not authorized to do so. You may not therefore under any circumstances post, copy, upload, publish, submit, transmit, request, offer, negotiate or supplement any content containing one or more of, but not limited to, any of the elements mentioned above.

3. Request exchanges of information
The information of the sidelines published on Sideline must be complete, accurate and up to date, such as the description of a sideline, its location, date, salary, etc.. Applicable conditions such as minimum age, skills and physical conditions necessary to perform the sideline must be mentioned. If there are any gaps or restrictions in the sidelines, these should be mentioned. Any information that may be useful to the worker must be recorded. Once published, you are required to offer what is listed on the date it is published. Only one "sideline" can be published per publication, but several workers can be requested for one sideline. Any sideline published must not violate any permit, license or registration required to perform the sideline. When a worker chooses a sideline, he or she cannot request a change in salary. Upon confirmation of the worker to perform the sideline, the worker and the worker must comply with all the elements that were established prior to the confirmation. A private individual cannot publish a sideline as a company and a company cannot publish a sideline as a private individual, otherwise sanctions can be applied, up to and including expulsion from the platform of the private individual and the company.

4. Zero tolerance policy
Sideline is only an intermediate platform. Users are entirely responsible and accept the fact that they are not employees, consultants or any other form of relationship with Sideline. Users are independent contractors. Sideline is therefore in no way responsible for what takes place outside the platform. All users are responsible and agree to comply with the basic criteria. Sideline has a zero-tolerance policy for what happens on the platform or via Sideline; in the messaging system, by email or any other form of contact between users from Sideline. More details can be found in the following point.

5. Intimidation, discrimination and harassment program
Sideline does not accept any form of discrimination and intimidation on the platform, whether on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, creed, ancestry, status, gender identity, physical or mental disability, marital status, age, sexual orientation, health status or any other form of discrimination. Sexual, monetary and any other form of harassment is prohibited. If you believe that you are experiencing or witness discrimination, intimidation or harassment of any kind on the platform, you must immediately inform Sideline and we will take the necessary measures.

6. Respect

All are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

No fraud will be accepted. The information provided must be accurate. You owe it to yourself to be honest with us and with other members of Sideline, just as we will be honest with you. No information must not be intentionally falsified. We will not accept anything that could be dangerous for the Sideline community.

No material damage will be accepted. You will be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage caused by you, except for normal wear and tear. You will be responsible for the cost of any other item resulting from damage caused by your part.

On your word
Refer to Articles 1 and 3.

From other members
Refer to Articles 2, 4 and 5.

Were you not respected? Do you feel that your safety may be at risk?
Inform us as soon as possible via email.

Help each other.

Sideline is a caring community. You owe it to yourself to make life easier for other users and to facilitate communication between you. You owe it to yourself to be proactive and to do everything possible to ensure the smooth running of the job.

If this guide is not respected on your part, you could be banned from the platform.If we judge that you have undertaken actions outside the platform that could threaten the security of the Sideline community or harm us, you could also be banned. For more details, we invite you to our conditions of use and our policies.