To create your Sideline account, click on registration in the upper right corner of your screen.

You will need to provide the following information:
- A valid email address;
- Your first and last name (your name will remain confidential);
- The password you have chosen for your account.

You will then have to read and accept our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Once your Sideline account has been created, we will send you a confirmation email so that you can continue on the site. You will then be able to complete your profile and navigate on the platform.

You may experience difficulties with your verification email when creating your account. If you believe you did not receive the email, please follow these steps.

1- There may be a delay between the registration and the reception of the email, so wait a few minutes.
2- Go to the settings of your profile and check if you entered the right email address.
3- Again in your profile, click on "resend verification email" under your email address.
4- Check your inbox to see if the email is in your spam folder. If it is, accept it as not spam so that your next emails will end up in your inbox.

If you still have problems afterwards, contact us.

You can change your account information at any time. Simply go to your account, click on « personal information » and change the information in question.

If you are unable to modify the information you want, please contact us.

If you wish to delete your account, contact us to notify us. We will proceed and confirm it to you as soon as possible.

Sideline may retain certain information after deletion of your account, in accordance with the law. You can consult our privacy policy for more details.


It's no problem.

Just click on "Login" at the top right of the home page and click on "Forgotten Password". We will then email you a link to reset your password.

To change your password, simply :

1- Go to your account.
2- Click on security.
3- Enter your old and new password.
4- Click on save.

That's it!

In order to prevent fraud or any other breach of security via your account, we advise you to create an effective password. This will make it more difficult or impossible for malicious persons to log into your account without your authorization.

What is an effective password?

- Unique. Do not use a password that you use regularly for other registrations. Do not use words or combinations of words, letters, symbols, or common symbols.
- Combined. Combine letters, numbers and symbols to make it more complex.
- Long. Use a minimum of 8 characters for your password. The more characters you use, the harder it will be to determine.

Memorize it despite its complexity!


Your account may have been deactivated for a few reasons such as the following:

- You tried to create a fake account.
- You have bad grades/comments that make it impossible for you to access the platform.
- You are using the platform for other reasons than to create/publish sidelines.

For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and to our Privacy Policy. If you believe that your account has been deactivated by mistake, please write to us.

If you have experienced any problem with another user on the Sideline platform, do not take measures to prevent it from happening again. No abuse, harassment or discrimination will be tolerated on Sideline. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, withdraw from the contract for which you have applied with this user so that he can no longer contact you via email. We recommend that you make a complaint to the police and we will collaborate if we can help you.


The information in your profile can be changed at any time as you wish. All you have to do is:

1- Access your account.
2- Click on the item you wish to modify.
4- Modify the information in question.

That's it!

Management of applications

Go to your dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to easily track your sidelines. If you are a worker, go to your planned sidelines and if you are a recruiter, go to your published sidelines.

You will be able to see in details the sidelines you have applied for and the ones you have published. You will be able to see the title, dates, sideline status and other information if you click on a particular sideline in your list.

To see the sidelines for which you have applied, you can access your dashboard:

1. Click on dashboard.
2. Click Sent Applications.

You will be able to see the titles, dates, locations, amounts and status of your sidelines to track them in real time.

To cancel a published sideline, please access your dashboard:

1. Click dashboard.
2. Click on Published Sidelines.
3. Locate the sideline you want to undo.
3. Click Delete.

This sideline will be deleted and will no longer be visible to other users. If applicants had already applied for this sideline, they will receive an email explaining the situation.

To cancel your application filed on a sideline, please access your dashboard:

1. Click on dashboard.
2. Click on Scheduled Sidelines.
3. Locate the sideline for which you want to cancel your application.
3. Click Delete.

Your application will no longer be visible to this recruiter on this sideline. If you have applied for other sidelines of this recruiter, your applications will still be active on those sidelines.

To track the applications you have received, you can access your dashboard:

1. Click on dashboard.
2. Click Received Applications

You will be able to see titles, dates, locations, amounts and status to track your applications in real time.

Yes, only the person responsible for the account that posted the sideline will see that you have applied for the position. No one else will see who you applied for.

Alerts and preferences

Sideline collects different information about you in order to offer you a nice experience on the platform, simplified and pleasant. The proposals, the location of sidelines and candidates, the advertisements and the experience in general will be adapted using your information.

The information collected is also used to protect your account from fraud or threats. It is used to save your information so you don't always have to fill it out each time you log in. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.