Léa Duquet, obtained a Master's degree in Strategic Marketing from Laval University.

Léa likes to help others and wants to make a difference to people in need. Dynamic and outgoing, she wants to learn more and more by going outside her comfort zone.

Bryan Guenette, obtained a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Laval University.

A hard worker, Bryan is ready to do anything to achieve his goals. Curious, he's always training on various subjects. He has a big heart and always gives everything he can to others, which is transmitted through the Sideline website.

How Sideline was created?

In 2017, Léa wants to start her own company and decides to find a project to carry out during her studies. After much research, she came up with the idea of putting people who are looking for help for a given period of time in touch with those who want to offer their services on a contractual basis. While studying, Léa found this concept to be a great way to reconcile going out, work, school and her entire personal life. So she set out to find a programming teammate interested in helping this project flourish. Bryan had already had a similar idea, but didn't have a teammate at the time to propel it forward. So he gladly joined forces to create Sideline. Since 2017, Léa and Bryan have been working hard to meet the needs of users and pass on their passion for this project every day. They have a good synergy and complementary points of view that allow them to create a site to the best of their combined knowledge. Léa and Bryan love to work and wish to take advantage of this motivation to create and help their fellow man. Sideline is therefore born from an affiliation between two partners who want to give back to their community.

From working to helping each other

Working is a necessity to provide for our needs. Why not invest your energy in doing something useful that will be appreciated by your fellow man. Make work a rewarding experience, which becomes an opportunity to enhance your abilities and skills while helping members of your community. Sideline is the perfect opportunity to surpass yourself and reach your goals.


Sideline's mission is to create a community of mutual aid in order to help as many people as possible while increasing the quality of life of workers.

Advantages of Sideline

1- Meeting the needs of all

Sideline allows its members to offer their services and receive the necessary assistance at the same time. Half of the members want to work more and the other half are looking for help. Together, they meet their needs.

2- Simplified relationship building

People are connected in a simplified and quick way to avoid complications and loss of time. If you want to have a sideline or are looking for a contract worker, but don't know how to find one, Sideline is the quick solution to put you in touch.

3- Work differently

Diversified work, apprenticeships, great encounters! Sideline offers you the opportunity to grow outside of 9 to 5! For businesses, Sideline is a simple and effective solution for finding workers.